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Cat Foods

Here you will find information on foods to feed your Cat or Kitten

Can I feed my Cat or Kitten Cow's Milk?

The simple answer is NO! Cats should not be given Cow's milk as it contains high levels of Lactose.

Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk. When cats drink cow's milk, they can end up with painful stomach cramps and diarrhea. Not all cats are lactose intolerant, but most are. And there's no way to tell if your cat's intolerant or not without giving them milk and risking them getting sick.

So what should I give them instead?
Whilst cats love milk, it is generally not good for them.
Kittens a few weeks old, need milk for a few weeks after they have been taken away from their Mother. As I said above do NOT give them Cow's milk. However, milk should generaly be an occasional treat as long term, any milk can be detrimental to your cats health. Your cats can get all the vitamins and neutrients they need from commercial cat foods and water.
There are many good alternatives that will substitute for their mother's milk some of them are:

  • Goats Milk is a good alternative as it is lower in Lactose, Goat’s milk generally has a higher mineral and vitamin content than cow’s milk, and includes some taurine. Cats need taurine for good vision, normal digestion, heart health, normal reproduction, and a healthy immune system. Cats can only manufacture a limited amount themselves, and deplete it quickly.
  • Some cat food manufacturers also provide a special Cat Milk, like Whiskas Cat Milk.
  • You can also get milk replacement powders that you simply mix with water, that contain the neutrients they need.

What type of food should I feed my Cat - Wet or Dry food?

Cats have preferences, some will only eat Dry food (biscuits), some only Wet food and most like a combination of both. If you only feed them Dry food you must make sure they have a supply of fresh water available at all times.
Below are some of the foods our Cats love.

Seafood Sensations

Friskies Seafood Sensations (formerly Ocean Fish) - Seafood Sensations®
Using a standard 8 oz measuring cup
Weight Feeding Amount
(lbs) (cups)
5 - 9 1/2 - 3/4
10 - 14 3/4 - 1
These amounts are averages and your cat’s needs may differ. Feeding should be adjusted as necessary to maintain an ideal body condition. Feed kittens and pregnant or nursing cats all they will eat three times per day.
Provide adequate fresh water in a clean container daily.

Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula
Healthy Kitten Formula starts with your kitten’s nutritional needs first to help support their optimal health, inside and out. With real chicken as the number one ingredient – and 0% fillers – all of the high-quality ingredients have a purpose.

Purina One Kitten
Whiskas Kitten

WHISKAS® Cat Food Dry Pockets Junior Ocean Fish Flavour With Milk
Kittens love this, for Kittens 2-12 months.
Pockets of Milk especially for kittens.
Gives them all the nutrients they need.

Whiskas Wet Food
Whiskas wet food is available in many different flavours, our cats and kittens prefer the Mackerel and Mackerel with Salmon flavours. Available for Kittens 2-12months , Adults and Over 7yr Olds.

Whiskas Pouches

Maxima Maintenance for Cats!
Maxima contains some neutrients that other cat foods do not. So we mix Maxima with Friskies to give a more balanced diet and have found it works very well, the cats enjoy it and their Fur is much better with the mixture.

Nekko Pouches - made with fresh fish! 
Some of our cats will not eat anything except Nekko. It is real fish and is available in jelly or gravy .


Please Note

We do not have any association with any of the above cat Food Makers and the details above are from our own experiences with our own cats.
Any brand names above are the property of their respective owners and are acknowledged here.

If you choose to give your Cats the dry foods you must make sure that any bowls of food are replaced daily, and you must supply a plentiful amount of fresh water, which also must be replaced at least daily, to ensure your Cat gets fresh food and water only and remains healthy.


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